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How good do your staff look? Try our fantastic range of workwear and hi-vis clothing, including shirts, pants, vests and much more. All can be customised with your embroidered or screenprinted logo.

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  • PRINT SPECS: 1 col print (+ base) in 1 position.
  • STANDARD TURNAROUND: 15-20 Working Days
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 20 Units
  • FREIGHT: Additional Cost. Call for pricing.
  • SETUP FEE: $80 + GST
  • GST: Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST


Custom Hi-Vis Vests

We understand the importance of creating a safe and professional work environment. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by investing in custom hi-vis vests for your team. 

Not only do these vests enhance safety by improving visibility, but they also serve as a powerful branding tool for your business. 

Explore our fantastic range of workwear, including shirts, pants, vests, and more, all of which can be personalised with your embroidered or screen-printed logo.

The Power of Customisation: Tailoring Hi-Vis Vests to Your Brand

Incorporating Your Brand Identity

When it comes to establishing a strong brand presence, consistency is key. Our custom hi-vis vests allow you to seamlessly integrate your company logo and colours, reinforcing your brand identity. 

Whether you opt for embroidery or screen printing, your logo will be prominently displayed, creating a polished and professional look for your team.

Enhancing Professionalism

Imagine your team confidently showcasing your brand while ensuring their safety on the job. 

Custom hi-vis vests not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to a sense of unity and professionalism within your workforce. Your staff will not only be visible in low-light conditions but will also exude a cohesive and organised appearance that reflects positively on your business.

Safety First: The Practical Benefits of Hi-Vis Vests

Increased Visibility and Safety Compliance

In industries where low-light conditions or high-traffic areas pose a risk, ensuring the safety of your team is paramount. Investing in personalised hi-vis vests significantly improves visibility, reducing the likelihood of accidents. 

Furthermore, providing your employees with the necessary safety gear demonstrates a commitment to compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Multi-Purpose Application

Our hi-vis vests are designed for versatility, suitable for a wide range of industries such as construction, logistics, and emergency services. The reflective elements ensure that your team remains visible even from a distance, promoting safety in various work environments. 

The durability of our vests ensures long-lasting protection, making them a wise investment for your business.

Branding Beyond Borders: The Marketing Potential of Branded Hi-Vis Vests

Walking Billboards

Custom hi-vis vests transform your employees into walking billboards, promoting your brand wherever they go. This form of passive advertising is a cost-effective way to enhance your company’s visibility in the market.

Professional Image in Client Interactions

When your team is out in the field wearing personalised hi-vis vests, they not only represent your brand but also convey a sense of professionalism to clients and customers. 

The visual impact of branded workwear contributes to a positive first impression, instilling confidence in your business and its commitment to excellence.

Elevate Your Team, Elevate Your Brand

So, how good will your staff look? 

Try our fantastic range of workwear and hi-vis clothing, including shirts, pants, vests and much more. Everything can be customised with your embroidered or screen printed logo.

Investing in custom hi-vis vests from Gorilla Print goes beyond meeting safety requirements – it’s a strategic move to elevate your team’s appearance and reinforce your brand image. 

From increased safety compliance to enhanced brand visibility, these vests offer a range of benefits that extend far beyond the workplace. Contact us today to explore our wide selection of hi-vis vests and take the first step toward a safer, more professional, and highly visible future for your business. 

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