Our fantastic new range of USB Flash Drives come in a variety of styles and colours, with a memory capacity ranging from 256mb to 8G.

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Branded USB

Our latest addition to the array of customisable marketing tools is our fantastic new range of USB Flash Drives. 

These sleek, versatile devices are designed to elevate your brand presence and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Take a look as we dive into the myriad benefits of investing in branded USBs and explore how they can become a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Introduction to Branded USBs

Our fantastic new range of USB Flash Drives comes in a variety of styles and colours, with a memory capacity ranging from 256MB to 8G. These aren’t just ordinary flash drives; they are a canvas for your brand. 

Custom promotional flash drives have become an indispensable part of modern marketing strategies, offering a tangible and functional way to showcase your business identity.

Brand Consistency and Recognition

One of the primary advantages of investing in custom-printed flash drives is the ability to maintain brand consistency. 

These devices serve as a miniature billboard for your company logo and messaging. When distributed to clients, partners or employees, they act as constant reminders of your brand, fostering recognition and loyalty.

Versatility in Design

Standing out in a competitive market is incredibly important for your business. We get it.

That’s why our USB Flash Drives are fully customisable, allowing you to choose from a plethora of styles and colours that align with your brand identity. 

Whether you prefer a classic, sleek design or a bold and vibrant look, we have the options to suit your preferences.

Data Security and Confidentiality

In the digital age, data security is paramount. Branded USBs not only serve as promotional tools but also as secure data storage devices. 

By providing your clients or partners with a reliable and branded USB, you’re not only offering a tangible gift but also ensuring that their data is stored safely, building trust in your business relationships.

Enhanced Marketing Reach

The portability of USB flash drives makes them an excellent vehicle for your marketing message. When your clients use these devices, they become inadvertent ambassadors for your brand. 

Imagine the exposure your company could receive as these custom flash drives are used in various professional settings, extending the reach of your marketing efforts.

Trade Shows and Corporate Events

Incorporating custom promotional flash drives into your trade show or corporate event strategy can significantly enhance your brand visibility. 

Instead of traditional pamphlets or brochures that often get discarded, offer attendees a practical and memorable USB containing your company’s information. It’s a tangible takeaway that ensures your brand stays with them long after the event concludes.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

When compared to traditional advertising channels, branded USBs offer a cost-effective and targeted marketing solution. The longevity of these devices, combined with the repeated exposure they provide, makes them a wise investment for businesses of all sizes. 

Consider it a long-term marketing strategy that continues to deliver returns over time.

Gorilla Print’s Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to providing top-notch quality extends beyond the fantastic range of USB Flash Drives. That’s why we prioritise customer satisfaction and ensure that each product is crafted with precision and attention to detail. 

When you choose us as your partner in custom printing, you’re not just getting a product; you’re getting a guarantee of excellence.

Today, the value of businesses investing in branded flash drives cannot be overstated. From enhancing brand recognition to serving as a practical data storage solution, these versatile devices have the potential to revolutionise your marketing strategy. 

Explore the possibilities with Gorilla Print and let your brand shine through every USB Flash Drive we create. Elevate your brand presence today!


  • YT017 SPECS: Prices based on 1 colour print on 1 side
  • YT169 SPECS: Prices based on Full Colour digital print on both sides
  • STANDARD TURNAROUND: 10-15 Working Days
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 50 Units
  • FREIGHT: Additional Cost. Call for pricing.
  • GST: Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST
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