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Our Bar Runners are produced using only the best Australian-made materials. We print in full colour onto a premium, highly absorbent and anti-pilling felt.

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Custom Bar Mats

In the competitive hospitality industry, every detail counts when it comes to creating a memorable and distinctive experience for your customers. Gorilla Print is here to help you stand out with our custom bar mats, or as we like to call them, bar runners.

Our bar runners are produced using only the best Australian-made materials. We print in full colour onto a premium, highly absorbent and anti-pilling felt.

Crafted with precision and printed in full colour, our bar runners are designed to elevate your brand, protect your surfaces, and enhance the overall ambiance of your establishment.

Australian-Made Quality

When you choose Gorilla Print’s Bar Runners, you’re choosing a product that represents Australian excellence. 

We take immense pride in using only the best Australian-made materials for our bar runners. This commitment to quality ensures that your investment not only serves its purpose but also stands the test of time, maintaining its vibrant appearance even after countless spills and foot traffic.

Premium, Highly Absorbent Felt

Our runners are more than just decorative pieces; they are functional assets for your bar. Crafted from a premium, highly absorbent felt, our Bar Runners excel in soaking up spills, preventing unsightly watermarks on your bar, and maintaining a clean, dry surface for your patrons. This absorbent material keeps your bar looking impeccable and enhances the overall customer experience.

Full-Colour Printing

One of the key features that set Gorilla Print’s custom bar runners apart is the ability to print in full colour. Your design, logo, or brand message will come to life with vibrant and sharp colours, ensuring that your bar mats become a visual focal point in your establishment. 

Anti-Pilling Technology

The last thing you want is a bar mat that starts looking worn and frayed after a short time. That’s why our runners feature anti-pilling technology, which means the surface remains smooth and free from unsightly pilling. This not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of your bar mats but also ensures they stay functional and easy to clean.

Custom Bar Mats for Your Business

Gorilla Print’s custom bar runners are more than just decorative accessories; they are an investment in your brand’s image and the overall customer experience:

Brand Visibility

Your bar’s unique identity is integral to your success, and our custom bar runners provide an excellent canvas to showcase it. Whether you want to display your logo, a clever tagline, or a captivating design, your brand will be front and centre in your establishment.

Surface Protection

Bars endure a fair share of spills and messes. Our runners are designed to protect your bar’s surface, preventing watermarks, stains, and damage. They ensure your bar always looks pristine, which is crucial for creating a positive first impression.

Customer Experience

In the world of hospitality, every detail counts. The texture and appearance of your bar runners contribute to the overall customer experience. They offer comfort underfoot and add a touch of sophistication to your bar, setting the stage for a memorable visit.

Experience The Gorilla Print Difference

Today, our custom bar mats are a valuable addition to your bar that goes beyond mere decoration. They are a statement of quality, a canvas for your brand, and a practical tool for enhancing the customer experience. Elevate your bar’s image and protect your surfaces with Gorilla Prints runners. 

Contact us today to discuss how our products can transform your establishment and help you leave a lasting impression on your customers.


  • PRINT SPECS: Prices based on full colour print on 1 side.
  • STANDARD TURNAROUND: 7-9 Working Days
  • FREIGHT: Additional Cost. Call for pricing.
  • GST: Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST
  • PRODUCT SPECS: 1mm Rubber and top quality felt.
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