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Save time and money by choosing from thousands of predesigned templates, or even design your own. Fully customised cards allow you to include your own message and add your company logo to any side.

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Custom Greeting Cards

In the corporate world, building and maintaining relationships is paramount. One of the most personal and effective ways to connect with your clients, partners, and employees is through the art of sending a greeting card.

Save time and money by choosing from thousands of predesigned templates, or even design your own. Fully customised cards allow you to include your own message and add your company logo to any side.

Custom Greeting Cards: Unleash Your Creativity

Custom greeting cards are more than just pieces of paper; they are powerful tools for relationship building. Our greeting card printing services allow you to unleash your creativity and convey your messages with a personal touch. 

Whether you’re expressing appreciation, offering congratulations, or simply sending warm wishes, our custom cards add that extra level of thoughtfulness and care.

Thousands of Templates: Save Time and Effort

Selecting from thousands of predesigned templates is not just about saving time and effort; it’s also about ensuring your message is presented beautifully. Our templates cover a wide range of occasions and sentiments, making it easy for you to choose the perfect design for your specific needs. 

With Gorilla Print, efficiency meets personalisation seamlessly.

Design Your Own: Add a Unique Touch

For those moments when you want to add a unique touch, our greeting card printing services allow you to design your own cards. From choosing the layout to incorporating your brand’s colour palette, you have the creative freedom to craft cards that reflect your company’s individuality. Your imagination is the only limit.

Personal Messages: Connecting at a Deeper Level

With custom greeting cards, you can include your own personal messages, which allows you to connect with your recipients at a deeper level. 

Add Your Company Logo: Branding with Heart

One of the unique advantages of custom greeting cards is the ability to add your company logo. It’s branding with heart, showcasing your business in a thoughtful and personable way. 

Your recipients will not only remember your brand but also the genuine care you extend through the card.

Timely Delivery and Transparent Pricing

You can rely on us to deliver your custom greeting cards on schedule, ensuring that your important messages are conveyed precisely when you intend. Additionally, our pricing is transparent, allowing you to budget with confidence.

Elevate Your Business Relationships

Your business relationships are the bedrock of your success. Gorilla Print’s custom greeting card printing services are designed to help you elevate these relationships and make a lasting impact. 

Make Your Business Greetings Memorable

Our greeting card printing services offer you the opportunity to express appreciation, extend warm wishes, and celebrate milestones in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. 

The best part is, you can choose from our predesigned templates or create your own design; these cards allow you to connect with your clients, partners, and employees on a deeper level. 

Add your company logo to make your branding not just about business but also about heartfelt connections. Our efficient delivery and transparent pricing ensure that your business greetings are timely and budget-friendly. Explore our range of custom greeting card printing options and make your business connections more personal and memorable.


  • INCLUSIONS: Prices include shutterstock image, basic design, card printing and unprinted envelopes.
  • PRINT SPECS: Prices based on full colour print throughout. DL or A6 finished size on 350gsm.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 25 units
  • SETUP FEE: Nil
  • DELIVERY: Additional Cost. Call for pricing.
  • GST: Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST
  • TURNAROUND: 5-7 Working Days


How To Order

There are THOUSANDS of designs to choose from…

Follow the three easy steps below to order your personalised Christmas cards today!

STEP 1: Get Your Design

Select or supply your image. If you’re not supplying your own image, go to and start a new search with keyword ‘christmas’ to see thousands of design options. To narrow your search add more keywords – e.g. add keyword ‘snowman’ to ‘christmas’. When you’ve found the image you like, simply send us the code number and we’ll do the rest!

STEP 2: Select a Size

Christmas card sizes available are DL (210x99mm) and A6 (148.5x105mm).

STEP 3: Place Your Order

Send us your details. Email your logo, message and above choices to and we will contact you, or call 1300 726 270 to have your questions answered.​

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