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With up to three printable sides, tent cards offer versatility and maximum impact as calendars, menus, table talkers and many other uses. The simple ‘tab together’ self-assembly design enables use in both landscape and portrait formats.

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Tent Card Printing

When it comes to marketing and promoting your products, versatility and visual impact are key. Enter Gorilla Print’s Tent Cards, an ingenious and adaptable marketing tool that can serve as calendars, menus, table talkers, and more. Explore the versatility and creativity that our Tent Cards offer, allowing you to make a lasting impression in various settings.

Triple the Impact with Three Printable Sides

What sets our Tent Cards apart is their ability to leverage up to three printable sides. This unique feature opens up a world of creative possibilities for your marketing materials. Whether you’re looking to showcase a monthly calendar, present an enticing menu, or engage your audience with table talkers, our Tent Cards can do it all.

Simple ‘Tab Together’ Self-Assembly

The self-assembly design of our Tent Cards is a testament to their user-friendly nature. With a straightforward ‘tab together’ mechanism, these cards can be easily assembled by anyone, making them suitable for various environments and skill levels. Whether you prefer a landscape or portrait format, our Tent Cards adapt effortlessly to your needs.

Print Specs for Eye-Catching Impact

Gorilla Print’s Tent Cards are printed in full colour on one side of sturdy 350gsm paper. This choice of paper ensures that your cards not only look vibrant and captivating but also stand the test of time. Whether placed on a restaurant table, a retail countertop, or any other setting, our Tent Cards are designed to make a statement.

Minimum Order for Accessibility

We believe that effective marketing should be accessible to businesses of all sizes. That’s why our minimum order requirement for Tent Cards is just 250 units. This flexibility allows small businesses and larger enterprises alike to harness the power of Tent Cards for their branding and promotional needs.

Freight Services for Convenience

For your convenience, we offer freight services to ensure that your Tent Cards reach your location without hassle. Get in touch with us for pricing details tailored to your specific requirements. We aim to make the entire process as streamlined as possible for you.

Timely Turnaround for Your Marketing Needs

In marketing, we know that timing is crucial. That’s why we offer a standard turnaround time of 7-10 working days for our Tent Cards. We understand the importance of having your materials ready when you need them, allowing you to launch your marketing initiatives with precision.

Customised Pricing and GST Transparency

Our pricing structure is designed to provide complete flexibility for your marketing goals. Prices are quoted per unit and exclude GST, offering transparency in your cost analysis. With Gorilla Print, you have the freedom to tailor your marketing materials to suit your budget and objectives.

Elevate your brand and captivate your audience with Gorilla Print’s versatile Tent Cards today. With up to three printable sides, user-friendly self-assembly, and vibrant print quality, our Tent Cards are designed to make a lasting impact in a variety of settings. 

Explore the creative possibilities today and make your brand shine with Tent Cards that stand out from the crowd.


  • PRINT SPECS: Printed in full colour on 1 side on 350gsm
  • STANDARD SHAPES: 1 Existing shape available
  • FREIGHT: Additional Cost. Call for pricing.
  • STANDARD TURNAROUND: 7-10 Working Days
  • GST: Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST
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