Promotional Bags

Branded Bags

When it comes to capturing the public eye, promotional bags in Australia have set the standard. Far from just storage solutions, these quality bags serve as mobile advertisements, capitalising on every walk down the street or trip to the grocery store. Given their utility, it’s no wonder they are some of the most popular promotional bags for any marketing campaign.

Branded Bags

Imagine your company logo emblazoned on a bag that travels everywhere, from crowded public transport to elite corporate offices. That’s the power of branded bags. They’re more than just a carry-all; they’re your brand’s mobile promotional campaign. From tote bags to laptop bags, each is a hugely popular branding vehicle that keeps your marketing message fresh and relevant.

Custom Printed Bags

Gorilla Print offers a range of custom bags tailored to your specific needs and brand personality. Whether you’re eyeing shopping bags for a retail rollout or conference bags for an upcoming industry event, we’ve got the perfect bag for you. With custom printing options, these bags quickly transform from mere storage solutions into potent marketing tools.


Backpacks aren’t just for schoolkids or hikers. With a custom-branded backpack, you can elevate any outdoorsy or educational campaign to the next level. Perfect for everything from sports bags to travel bags and comfortable enough for daily use, our backpacks come in multiple colours, allowing you to match them with your brand’s specific hues.

Cooler Bags

Ideal for or any outdoor-centric brand, cooler bags are the go-to choice for keeping beverages and perishables fresh. From beach parties to sporting events, these cooler bags are excellent for keeping drinks cool and your brand even cooler. They’re practical, they’re stylish, and they serve as a fantastic marketing tool for your business in Australia.

Drawstring Bags

Looking for a convenient and mobile marketing solution? Drawstring bags, also known as promotional backsacks, are a leading supplier’s go-to choice. Quick to produce and available in a wide array of colours, these bags are agile, mobile and perfect for a younger demographic or for sporting clubs looking to impress.

Tote Bags

In a world moving away from single-use plastic bags, eco-friendly tote bags are rising stars in the realm of promotional items. Made from environmentally friendly materials, tote bags showcase not just your brand but also your commitment to sustainable practices.

Laptop Bags

In the digital age, a laptop bag is more than just a convenience; it’s a necessity. These high-quality promotional bags offer padded protection for electronics on the go and ample space for your corporate logo or marketing message. Whether you’re catering to the travelling professional or the campus student, these promotional laptop bags are indispensable.

Paper Bags

The humble paper bag has received a stylish upgrade at Gorilla Print. As an alternative to less environmentally friendly options, these paper bags come custom printed to suit your brand’s unique aesthetic. It’s an excellent way to make a statement while aligning your brand with eco-conscious choices.

At Gorilla Print, we pride ourselves on providing clients with a huge range of promotional bags, from shopping bags and drawstring bags to custom branded bags and personalised bags. With a huge collection at the lowest prices, we strive to be your trusted partner for promotional products in Australia.

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