Sunscreen is the perfect promotional give away idea for any outdoor event. Tubes, Bottles and Tubes with Carabiner clips are available.

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Branded Sunscreen

Introducing Gorilla Print’s line of branded sunscreens, a thoughtful addition to your company’s wellness initiative. Elevate your brand while prioritising the well-being of your employees with our premium sun care solutions.

Sunscreen is the perfect promotional giveaway idea for any outdoor event. Tubes, bottles, and tubes with carabiner clips are available.

Unparalleled Brand Representation

Branding extends far beyond logos and slogans; it’s a lifestyle. Your brand embodies a commitment to quality, care, and reliability. With Gorilla Print branded sunscreen, extend that commitment to sun safety.

Our customisable sunscreen allows your logo to shine under the sun, showcasing your brand in a practical, health-conscious manner. Whether it’s at an outdoor event, during team-building activities, or simply as part of daily employee care packages, your brand remains visible while advocating for skin protection.

High-Quality Protection, Unmatched Assurance

Crafted with the utmost care and using premium ingredients, Gorilla Print promotional sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Our dermatologist-tested formula ensures superior protection without leaving a greasy residue or compromising effectiveness.

By aligning your brand with top-tier sun care, you showcase a commitment to quality that resonates with both your employees and your clients.

Customisation Tailored to Your Vision

Stand out in the market with customisable sunscreen options. Gorilla Print offers a diverse range of packaging, sizes, and application methods, allowing you to create a product that perfectly aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and message.
From compact, travel-sized tubes to larger pump bottles, our customisation options cater to your specific branding needs.

Employee Wellness, Brand Strength

Your employees are the backbone of your business, and their well-being directly impacts productivity and morale. By providing branded sunscreen with a logo, you demonstrate a genuine concern for their health, fostering a positive work environment.

Empower your team to stay protected from the sun while proudly representing your brand, creating a sense of unity and care among your workforce.

Versatility for Various Business Settings

Regardless of your industry or business setting, Gorilla Print sunscreen adapts seamlessly. From outdoor events, corporate retreats, and sports sponsorships to everyday office use, our sunscreen becomes an essential part of your brand’s identity.
Ensure your brand ambassadors—your employees— embody your brand values effortlessly, indoors and outdoors.

Environmental Responsibility, Ethical Choices

Beyond safeguarding skin, Gorilla Print is committed to preserving the environment. Our sunscreen formulations are reef-friendly, ensuring they do not harm delicate marine ecosystems.

By choosing our products, your brand aligns with ethical choices, signalling responsibility towards both people and the planet.

Elevate Your Brand with Gorilla Print

At Gorilla Print, we understand that your brand is more than just a logo—it’s a story, a commitment, and a promise. By incorporating our branded sunscreen into your business strategy, you enhance your brand’s presence while safeguarding the well-being of those who make it all possible—your employees.

As you focus on your business growth and reputation, let us take care of your sun care needs. Contact us today to explore customisation options, and together, let’s protect your brand under the sun!


  • SPECS: CMYK Label or Direct Digital Print 1 side
  • STANDARD TURNAROUND: 10-12 Working Days
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 10 Units
  • FREIGHT: Additional Cost. Call for pricing.
  • SETUP FEE: $50 + GST
  • GST: Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST

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