Wrapping Paper

Personalised wrapping paper is available in any length and is printed continuously without any gaps. It’s a great way to put the finishing touch on your corporate gifts.


500mm Wide Roll (480mm print area) - Light Coverage
$9.75 per metre
$8.61 per metre
$5.87 per metre
$4.33 per metre
$3.72 per metre
$3.32 per metre
500mm Wide Roll (480mm print area) - Heavy Coverage
$11.55 per metre
$9.63 per metre
$6.36 per metre
$5.30 per metre
$4.75 per metre
$3.89 per metre

PAPER SPECS: Printed on 100gsm gloss white


PRINT SPECS: CMYK printing (light coverage) on 1 side. Prices quoted are for printing your logo repeated on a white background. Note: Print width is 480mm. Price subject to viewing artwork.
MINIMUM ORDER: 10 metres
FREIGHT: Additional Cost. Call for pricing.
GST: Prices quoted are per metre and exclude GST
Prices above are for DIGITALLY PRINTED wrapping paper which has some inherent limitations. "Proper" wrapping paper rolls are available, but with a minimum order of over 1000m
Additional Options and Features:
A 10mm edge on either side will be unprinted
Bulk quantities and heavy coverage quotes available


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