Scratch Cards

Everyone likes a chance to win. Scratch Cards can be handed out to your customers, members and prospects to bring a sense of excitement to your fundraiser or promotion. Scratch off cards are a proven way to create excitement and increase traffic to your business!

We print ANY shape or size scratch off, with as many spots that are needed on a card, at no additional cost!
As a scratch off printer we can print millions of scratch off tickets for a national campaign, or just a few hundred for small businesses or events.
Does your scratch off promotion need a unique alpha-numeric character on each scratch off ticket? We can assist you in determining the best solution for your variable data projects.
Why are scratch cards awesome??
  • Curiosity? Other promotions might struggle to generate curiosity.
  • Interactive: Your customer will view and interact with a scratcher 10-times longer than with the average flyer or coupon.
  • Winning! No one throws away a winning lottery ticket, do they?
Uses include:
  • Competitions
  • Fundraising
  • Promotions
  • Sweepstakes
  • Awareness Campaigns


NOTE: While all care is taken to ensure that the correct number of prizes has been allocated, Gorilla Print is not liable for any misallocation of prizes

  x500 x1,000 x2,000 x4,000

$784 $805 $875 $999
100x145mm $999 $1105 $1310 $1788

PAPER SPECS: 300gsm Artboard printed on 2 sides. 90x53mm

LAMINATION: Gloss all-over release + Latex scratch layer 1 side.
MINIMUM ORDER: 500 cards per campaign
  STANDARD TURNAROUND: 15-17 Working Days. Quicker turnaround may be available at additional cost.
FREIGHT: Additional Cost. Call for pricing.
PRINT SPECS: Prices based on up to 5 different outcomes of equal quantity, packed separately. NO variable data included.
GST: Prices quoted exclude GST
Additional Options and Features:
Multiple outcomes/prizes can be printed. Let us know the exact breakdown for a more accurate quote.
Serial numbers and unique codes can be added
Diecut shapes available, as well as many different sizes and stock options.
Printing on top of the scratch panel available at additional cost
Faster turnarounds available at additional cost


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