Catalogue Design

Catalogues are a unique marketing medium who’s objective is to SELL YOUR PRODUCTS.

Creating a great looking catalogue is not just about strong design and layout, it’s also about ease of use, and about making it easy for customers to complete the sale. Simple changes can often bring great results.It is also important to remember that catalogues are a both a sales, and marketing tool. When a catalogue lands on a desk it is both your brand advocate and your sales person. And when working in competitive markets, brand affinity and integrity can clinch sales.

We don’t simply churn out page after page. Our catalogue design solutions exploit brand and product offering to maximum effect and make every page work hard to sell. Our clients needs are at the heart of our designs and we work with them to achieve their business goals. It is a real pleasure to have designed catalogues for some fantastic companies over the last 15 years.



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I especially appreciate your willingness to "go the extra mile" to make sure all our printing problems get solved. It's great to have a printing and promotions supplier you can always rely on. Bernard Martin - Linfox Logistics