Barcode Art Production

We offer creation of BARCODE GRAPHICS based on your previously purchased numbers.


We create barcodes that comply with industry standards like EAN, ISBN, UPC, TUN, and more!  We can deliver the barcode graphics in any customer desired image format - such as PDF, JPG or ready-to-print vector EPS graphics for use in industry-standard products like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Gorilla has been supplying barcodes for over 10 years to leading manufacturers in different industries for their packaging artwork.

If you have NOT yet purchased a EAN number, TUN, UPC or ISBN number then you do NOT need this service.

You will need to contact GS1 Australia, the organisation in Australia that has exclusive rights to the allocation of EAN bar codes at to be allocated barcode numbers.

GS1 Australia will allocate you a series of barcode numbers which no other company has in the world. From these numbers you can generate specific barcodes for your individual products.
There are different types of barcode formats used within different types of industries and companies. Barcode formats that are typically used in Australia are EAN13, CODE128, ISBN, UPC-A and ITF-14.





$25 flat fee

$10 each

$8 each

$6 each

Our prices depend on the amount of barcodes you wish to purchase. The more you buy the more you save on individual or multiple barcode numbers. You will find the following costing above (gst exclusive):


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Your company's ability to interpret what we require graphically, provide innovative design concepts and always help us to meet our deadlines has been as absolute asset to our company. Michael Mahoney - Managing Director, Digital Ink Technologies