Direct mail or email?

Research shows that the core strengths of direct mail have persisted and in some cases has grown stronger and is often the driver that pushes customers online. The research shows that mail is still opened, still adds value, still kept and still drives response. There is no doubt that digital has transformed marketing but it hasn’t replaced direct mail for a very simple reason. Customers still like getting mail.
It's the ying and yang thing

Customers make it very clear just what they prefer to get by mail. They value mail for items of substance that they can spend time with and keep. On the yang side there are some communications ie. quick updates, that they prefer to get by email.

So complementary campaigns pay off. A meta-analysis by Peter Field on the IPA Databank reveals that you can expect a 27% sales boost when your campaign includes direct mail.

His research also looked at acquisition campaigns. This showed that campaigns with mail achieved over twice (205%) the market share growth when measured against campaigns without mail in the mix.
You can't have the ying without the yang

Using mail and email together in a strategic campaign builds on the strengths of each. And it gives your client the best chance of maximising the effectiveness of your direct communications.

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The take away point

This research can be turned into a white paper with graphics to illustrate the data. The white paper could be designed specifically for a client segment ie. Retail. It could be sent to the communications team as a promo to get more work or to get the first crack at new work.
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