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If you are using Photoshop to print brochures, then here is the list that you will probably want. Below is the big list of Photoshop effects that should help you in designing your color brochures. Not even brochure templates can teach you precisely what these are. You have to really understand these effects and see how they contribute to better looking and more powerful custom brochures.

So just read on and discover the best effects that you can use for your color brochures using Photoshop. This should be easy enough to learn.

1. Gradient overlays. One of my most favorite and most useful Photoshop effects that I use for my brochure backgrounds are the gradient overlays. A gradient is so much more better than a simple color background. Color gradients basically are areas where one color changes and blends into another from a certain distance or length. In this way, it adds a kind of subtle natural effect that is common to what many of us see in real life. Overall these gradient effects can make your color brochures look more dynamic and natural, instead of the constructed prints that you will normally see.

2. Shadow effects. Of course, a basic effect that no color brochure should do without are shadow effects. Especially if you have some pictures and even some big title effects, a shadow effect on that layer can easily make that design element pop out and become more visible. I like adding this to my big color titles, as well as the images that I want to make look like actual picture postcards.

3. Stroke effects. You should also try out the stroke effects on layers in Photoshop. This blending option for layers basically adds a border or color outline to the contours of a layer. This means that for images and text, you can basically get a great border effect. This is great especially if your text and images are blending with the background to much and you want to add some contrast to those elements.

4. Glow effects. If you want to really add some energy and excitement to your color brochure designs, then the Photoshop effect that you should use are the glow effects. Glow effects, as the name suggests adds rays of light around a layer to make it look like it is glowing. This effect is best used for special words of emphasis such as “BUY NOW” or “FREE”. As long as you want that text to really stand out and draw attention this effect is the first one you should try out.

5. Embossing effects. If you like to simulate the embossed effect such as the one you see in the text in your credit card, then the embossed blending effect in Photoshop is your option. Under the blending options, you can basically make any layer look like it is a bit bulbous and embossed. The effect basically adds a gleam effect on top of the layer and a subtle shadow element beneath. Combined it makes a layer look a bit three dimensional and of course embossed. This is actually great for button like, or bar like effects for your color brochures.

6. Texture effects. If you want certain elements of your custom brochures to look like it was made of some sort of interesting material, then the texture effects in Photoshop is the feature that you should look at. Texture filters basically will let you add material effects such as canvass effects, stone effects or even brick and cloth effects. It is also possible to download certain custom textures online to really customize your design’s textures. Of course, try to choose your textures wisely since you do not want to make your design look too “made up”.

7. Filter effects. Finally, you also have a large array of filter effects found under the filters menu in Photoshop. These great filters can add very interesting and often far reaching effects for your color brochures. For example, you can make your brochures or its elements look like it was sketched using a colored pencil, some charcoal, or even painted and smudged in some way. Just explore the filter gallery and there should be tons of great interesting effects that you can try out, especially for the images of your custom brochures.

Hopefully you can try out all these effects as you test your designs for your color brochures. Believe me, adding these effects definitely add something to your custom brochures and they are worth trying for any kind of brochure printing that you need.

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